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Atul Tiwari

Hi I'm Atul Tiwari

Hi, What's Up?, I'm Atul, friend's also love me to call Vipul. i over think everything way too much and then end up freaking out but that's me. two things i can't stand is liars and people telling me what to do! Girl's in skintight jean's or in mini are soooooooooooo hot! i hate clingy people arghjehej! i also complain a lot.but that's the truth i love basketball , football, and all kind'a indoor games. when you inbox someone and get no reply,FUCKYOU. if you leave a note i'll probably reply:-) People who draw whiskers on their faces, what the fuck are you doing, haha?! oh if you hadn't noticed i do have a lazy eye. YOLO? no, please stop bumming drake, if you haven't noticed,yes, we do only live once unless you believe in reincarnation of course. if you use the expression ''RAWR, I'm a Dinosaur.'' or "RAWR means i love you in dinosaur'' you can kindly go kill yourself! BUT..i don't bite,so feel free to message me! And ya one more last thing I LOVE WHITE CHICK'S THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY.i also love photography xoxo

Atul Tiwari's Background

Atul Tiwari's Education

saraswati vidya mandir inter college defence colony kanpur


Concentration: 'O' LEVEL DIPLOMA COURCE, I.T.Industrial

St. Lawrence High School

Atul Tiwari's Interests & Activities

youtuber,photographer,makes websites,blog and android and i-Phone Apps

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